1 thought on “Hospital Rock

  1. Well, my cycling buddy, it’s a small, small world. My father wrote that article. His relationship with smallpox continues: he and my mother both opted for the new smallpox booster (http://www.bt.cdc.gov/agent/smallpox/response-plan/) a couple of years ago, when a new epidemic of smallpox was less unthinkable than it had been.
    I didn’t think too much about it at the time, as they are just that sort of people (they flew to New Orleans and worked there with the Red Cross to help out after Katrina). They met at Bellevue Hospital in NYC (as medical professionals, not patients, to the best of my knowledge) and have been together ever since.
    My dad’s dad (Charles Leach Sr., in true WASP fashion) worked for the Rockefeller Foundation for much of his life and helped establish medical facilities in under-served parts of the world. He was written about in a book about the San Tomas prison camp in Manila, where he was held for about 2 years at the end of WWII…
    We can discuss on our next trip down Sandy Brook. 🙂

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