Happy B-day to Me and DJ Hope


Hi folks,

Today’s my birthday, which I share with my identical twin sister, aka DJ Hope. The theme of this week’s Disability Blog Carnival is my favorite things — my birthday is certainly one of them!

People often ask me, so what’s it like being a twin? I always reply, well, what’s it like being a “singleton”?

[p.s. just got one of my other favorite things — a snow day! Too bad it got called AFTER I drove to work, only to turn around an hour later and spend 1.5 hours to get home (3 times the usual amount of time).

2 thoughts on “Happy B-day to Me and DJ Hope

  1. Happy birthday! My mom’s an identical twin–or, at least was, before the twin had cosmetic surgery. They were close enough that, as a kid, I could mistake them.

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