Stanley Fish on Hilary Haters

Well, the countdown to Super Tuesday is on here in the land of steady habits and I’m catching up on some political reading. This entry by Stanley Fish in yesterday’s New York Times pretty much confirmed how I’m going to vote tomorrow.

Later this week we’re hosting Robert Jensen from the University of Texas, Austin, who’s going to talk about his work on gender and politics.

Before that, I may show this link from the Women’s Media Center to my women’s studies classes.

Personal anecdote related to Fish — one of the reasons I went into academia was reading about the fictional version of Fish, Morris Zap, in David Lodge’s hilarious sendup of academic life in Small World. I think I’ll re-read it before my next trip to the AHA convention.

2 thoughts on “Stanley Fish on Hilary Haters

  1. Heather–I think Fish’s column, along with a recent review by Susan Faludi–sealed the deal for me, too. Watch tomorrow for the big endorsement!

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