Medius Interruptus: the only “change” is the channel

I’m really annoyed about the major networks’ decision to interrupt Hilary Clinton’s campaign speech in Ohio after only a few minutes to cover Obama’s Wisconsin victory speech during a stop in Texas. See coverage and video from Wolf Blitzer at Huffpo here.

Supposedly the issue was she didn’t congratulate Obama right off the bat. Yet only 30% of the results from Wisconsin were in and besides this was a campaign stop for her in Ohio! She did call Obama to congratulate him after his speech was over in Houston.

So much for equal time. Meanwhile, those of us supporting Clinton on the campus listserv continue to get called “foolish.” Guess we ladies should all just shut up and go back to baking cookies.

1 thought on “Medius Interruptus: the only “change” is the channel

  1. This has been one twisted media spun campaign, but what else is new. I noticed the same unequal treatment to Ron Paul and Huckabee during one of the Republican debates. Makes me think that much of the media and politics in this country is just a prefabricated form of cheap entertainment, but at a very costly price.

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