Cancer Vaccine Conference at Rutgers

Well, my proposal for the conference “Cancer Vaccines for Girls?” at Rutgers University was accepted — now I just need to figure out how to get it done before May 16! 😉

Yesterday’s New York Times had an interesting article on “Vaccinating Boys for Girls Sake.” I liked it because it made fun of the jolly “Gardasil Girls” — who typically are quite a bit older than the target demographic of girls aged 10-12. The article reminds me of a paper on rubella vaccines that Leslie Reagan gave at AAHM couple of years ago — in order to protect pregnant Moms, you have to go after the boys not just the girls. It’s also encouraging to see boys given some responsibility for preventing a disease that affects women! [historically, women have been portrayed as “reservoirs” of STDs — see some of the posters from this online exhibit at National Library of Medicine].

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