Knitting in Meetings

I just read a post about attending faculty meetings over at Tenured Radical. I was glad to see her confirm that it’s okay to knit during meetings, [“knitting is actually a form of listening in my book, although keep the clicking down if you can”] That’s certainly how I made it through seemingly endless faculty senate meetings. Also, there’s a contingent of knitters at AAHM conferences, among others. The general consensus is that it’s not okay to knit while you’re on a panel waiting to present. Otherwise, knit on!

I’ve been attending a lot of meetings lately where it simply isn’t possible to do this — e.g. it would seem rather rude to do this while interviewing candidates for promotion and tenure. This afternoon, I’m off to the state legislature to testify for a bill to provide funding for more full-time faculty in the CSU system. I’m tempted to bring my knitting while I wait to be called but given how things are going this week it might be better to bring the stack of papers that need grading.

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