Look Out: It’s the Civility Conservation Corps

Well, once again our faculty listserv is totally out of control, this time over an issue regarding the Dean of our School of Business. I’m not going to comment on that here since all I know is based on second or third hand reports. After several days of tit for tat among a handful of individuals, my colleague suggested creating a “Civility Conservation Corps,” as a follow-up to a statement on civility crafted by concerned women on campus, and presented to the Faculty Senate in December. Of course, it won’t work (we’ve already caught flack about it from the chief offender, as well as a boring harangue about how we don’t know much about history and FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps — obviously this fellow has no sense of humor or irony!). Still, it’s a way to inject some levity into a very annoying situation.

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