New York Times on Professors and Social Networking Sites

Well, Historiann beat me to posting on this article from the Style section of Thursday’s New York Times. Most of the article discussed Facebook and Professors Strike Back, a reply to Rate My Professors (just FYI — there is also a site called Rate Your Students — can’t wait to contribute to that one).

Now, I joined Facebook last fall not so I could look “cool” but so I could create a group for the WGSS program and plug events to students and others in a place they were more likely to check than their email. I started a blog last spring partly as a way to get into new media so that I could eventually teach it to graduate students. Only a few of my students have checked out my blog, more contact me through Facebook but I think the novelty has worn off. Also, if the Times is writing about it, then it’s about to not be cool anymore!

I’m not about to use this blog as a voicepiece for my dog or cat, but I may follow Historiann’s example of using Fridays for blogging about dolls — the only one I have is Mrs. Beasley from the sitcom Family Affair. Stay tuned!

1 thought on “New York Times on Professors and Social Networking Sites

  1. Before you contribute to Rate Your Students, check it out for a while. I did a blog post recently critical of one of their entries in which the professor hoped one of his obstinate students would end up raped. I think we all have complaints, but I think that site takes it too far.

    And I’m doing a presentation in the fall on what happens when students read the professor’s blog. Haven’t gotten heavy into the research for it, but it’s been enlightening so far. Few read it, but those who do have strong opinions about it.

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