Apparently I’m just a dumb redneck gal. . .

Or at least I am according to the resident cyberbully on our faculty listserv. It all started when the campus police issued an alert after one of our female students was abducted from her off-campus apartment and driven around New Britain until the perp crashed the stolen van they were in an made a get away on foot. She described her attacker as middle-eastern, based on the skin color she could see through his mask and his accent. She also said he had prominent eyebrows. Somehow, this led one male faculty member that mentioning the suspects race is anti-Arab prejudice. [funny how he’s never mentioned the problem of racism when the perpetrator has been described as African-American or Hispanic or some other minority]. Now, I realize that racial profiling is a serious problem, but I did bring up the point that when race is a significant detail in describing an alleged assailant, shouldn’t that be part of the police report? I then got responses from men, such as, well criminals come to a college campus because they know there’s women there to attack (in other words, the equivalent of “stuff happens” — shall we lock the ladies up after dark like they used to do in the old days? How about we just keep them out of college altogther). Exchanges continued along these lines, leading to me and others who defended me being called “dumb-dumbs” [let’s mention the disability slur, shall we] and “rednecks.” Aw shucks.

So, readers of this blog, tell me — am I just a dumb redneck gal? There sure is one guy I’d like to make squeal like a pig right now, that’s for sure.

9 thoughts on “Apparently I’m just a dumb redneck gal. . .

  1. It did seem striking that, with the assailant at large, the first voiced concern was about profiling. (As per usual, the most charming quality of that listserv’s discussion is the thoroughgoing self-righteousness . . . .)

    Once the person’s been caught, then certainly it would be entirely proper to assess the validity/utility of the original description. But now’s not the time.

    (The answer to your question is *obviously* “yes” 😉

  2. I was with you until the last line. You really think raping him is an answer? Are you saying it is permissible to use rape as a tool of…what? Revenge? Social change? As a rape survivor, I’d really like a clarification.

  3. Sorry, you’re right that last bit was over the. I apologize for carrying the parody too far. It was meant to be metaphorical.

    Also, this cyberbully is already a pig and does plenty of squealing on his own. . .

  4. P.S. In response to warriorwitch, since this blog discusses disability issues, just need to remind you to be careful about throwing around terms like “psycho.” Most mentally ill persons are not violent, and one can be of perfectly sound mind and do all sorts of horrible crimes.

    Having said that, this incident happened less than a quarter mile from the parking garage where I park and walk to at night after class. I’m beginning to wonder whether I should start packing heat, or at least some pepper spray.

  5. KC–who are these bullies on the faculty listserv? Do their female students know that these people are so contemptuous of them? Ugh. I hope the victim is doing well, and that she can stay in school to complete her work this semester.

    Also, you might point out that people who are so vigilant about racial profiling should probably choose another insult for you, because “Redneck” is an ugly slur against poor white Southerners. Their use of it displays a disturbing lack of compassion for working-class and poor people, as well as regional snobbery.

  6. You’re right on in your comments, Historiann! There is actually a Facebook group created by students who hate this professor, so they are well aware of what an asshole he is.

    The guy from the physics department who started all this is better, but he’s so hypersensitive to ethnic stereotyping that he seems to be implying that the victim and/or the police are fabricating the description for some anti-arab agenda. This of course, makes no sense but trying to tell them that seems pointless.

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