AAHM continued

I’m slowly getting caught up on all the stuff (i.e. student papers) that accumulated while I was at the conference, so now have a bit of time to write about the AAHM meeting. Today’s entry is on the women historian’s breakfast. We started off with a presenation by John Erlen on the European Union Library/Archives at the Hillman Library at the University of Pittsburgh. This looks like a pretty neat, albeit immense source. There appears to be loads of materials on health related topics. The only question is — how to get at what you want? There appears to be no collection guide (or really much information on the library website). The contact person is Dr. Phil Wilkin, pwilkin@pitt.edu

Monica Green suggested setting up a mentoring network, similar to those organized by other professional organizations to which she belongs.

We then did our usual round of introductions, celebrations of accomplishments, consoling for trials and tribulations. I wasn’t able to write them all down fast enough, so readers, please send them to this blog! My main accomplishment is of course the book, which you can order at a discount from the publisher:

I couldn’t attach the flyer, so here’s the discount info:

SPECIAL ONLINE DISCOUNT – sign up at www.press.umich.edu before 6/15/08 for your copy at 20% off list price. Enter code prescott08flyer

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