Off to a Bad Start

Well, everything was going so well — my flight was on time, got my bag right away, got to the hotel quickly, saw lots of friends, nice dinner. I’m staying in the Holiday Inn for the Berkshire Conference since the U. is paying for the trip and because it’s quieter — except for last night! Some very unfriendly person turned on her TV very loudly after she arrived at 1:30pm, to some Christian show (could hear the preacher praising Jesus through the wall). I’ve had scary encounters when I’ve confronted folks myself, so I called the night manager to ask her to turn down the TV. My instincts turned out to be right, since she proceeded to scream at the manager that it was her right to watch TV, she was paying for the room, yadda, yadda, yadda. After threats to call security she finally shut up and turned off the TV. I was so rattled by the incident that I never got back to sleep. So, now I’m off to the gym. I can suppose I can take a nap this afternoon (although not during anyone’s talk — ha, ha!)

Unfortunately, the Inn is fully booked and I don’t want to sacrifice convenience for some really selfish, for lack of a better word, bitch. I hope she’s not with the conference — but she probably is since everyone else here seems to be. Looks like I’ll be dodging her in the hallway unless I can find another room

P.S.  The hotel upgraded me to a suite at the same price — it helped having Priority Club.  The first day of the conference went very well too, will write more about that tomorrow.

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