Book announcement: New Book on Women Physicians

Courtesy of H-Sci-Med-Tech:

Ellen More, Elizabeth Fee, and Manon Parry are pleased to announce a new, co-edited book from Johns Hopkins University Press, Women Physicians and the Cultures of Medicine (2008). This volume examines the diverse careers and lives of American women physicians since the mid-19th century, their struggles for equality, professional accomplishment, and personal happiness. Scholars in the history of medicine in the United States chronicle the professional and personal lives of women such as Drs. Marie Zakrzewska, Mary Putnam Jacobi, “Mom” Chung, Esther Pohl Lovejoy, and Mary S. Calderone as well as women physicians who were active in “alternative” medicine, the women’s health movement, college health, and second-wave medical feminism.

Illuminating the ethnic, political, and personal diversity of women physicians, the articles touch on most of the major issues in the history of women physicians-politics, medical science, medical education, health policy, patient care, sexuality, race and ethnicity, and, of course, gender discrimination. Contributors include Carla Bittel, Elizabeth Fee, Eve Fine, Erica Frank, Virginia Metaxas, Regina Morantz-Sanchez, Ellen S. More, Sandra Morgen, Heather M. Prescott, Robert Nye, Manon Parry, Naomi Rogers, Arleen M. Tuchman, Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, and Susan Wells.

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