The Prayer you didn’t get to hear

A few posts ago, I was excited about Bishop Gene Robinson’s invitation to give the opening prayer at the inaugural concert on Sunday.  Because I don’t have HBO, or any Time Warner channels, I wasn’t able to see it live.  It turns out that no one was able to, even those on the Mall.  HBO chose to censor it, and those there in person were not able to hear it because the speakers were turned off.

Fortunately, because HBO didn’t broadcast it, they can’t pull it from YouTube like they have other videos taken by spectators.  Enjoy!

You can read the full text at Pam’s House Blend.

This prayer makes me proud to be an Episcopalian.  To hear Bishop Robinson’s reaction to this censorship, go to NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

1 thought on “The Prayer you didn’t get to hear

  1. Yes, I agree — Robinson’s invocation was SOOO much better than Warren’s. And I was even at an ordination Robinson conducted on Saturday!

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