Women’s History Nostalgia Trip: Classic feminist programming for children

A group of friends and I are having a great time swapping favorite clips of children’s programs with feminist themes on Facebook.  So that my technophobic colleague out West can join in the fun, here are some of the highlights.

The first is a clip from Sesame Street, proclaiming the various careers women can pursue:

Next is a repeat from last year, the Schoolhouse Rock classic, “Sufferin ‘Till Suffrage”:

This prompted a reply reminding me of the children’s special, “Free to Be You and Me”

My favorite song from that show is this number by former football player/bodyguard and now Christian minister Rosey Grier:

Rev. Grier is not a knitter, but he showed men you could do needlepoint and still be manly.

This all leads me to wonder, what happened to all the great feminist children’s programming from the 1970s?

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