Knitting Clio=Gloria Steinem

1063932546_ia_steinem Kittywampus posted a poll, Which Western feminist icon are you? [Kitty is Angela Davis — interesting result for a white woman from North Dakota]

I’m a sucker for these, so I took it, and my result — Gloria Steinem:

“You are the McDonalds(tm) of liberal feminism, though you used to expouse some pretty radical ideas, you ended up working the system. Because it’s easier? Maybe. But thanks for the only mainstream feminist magazine and for heading one of the most significant feminist lobbys in the history of the US. We wouldn’t be where we are without NOW and Ms., as much as some of us are loathe to admit it.”

Yup, that pretty much is right on target.  I have to say I’m a big fan of many of her essays, especially the wicked satire, “If Men Could Menstruate.”

I’ll tell Ms. Steinem how much we have in common when she comes to give a lecture at CCSU on March 19th, 2pm, Torp Theatre.

3 thoughts on “Knitting Clio=Gloria Steinem

  1. Well, I am not Wilma Mankiller. But I am Emma Goldman! I am the mama of Anarchist/Communist feminism and I inspired millions to embrace the labor movement. Without ever directly saying so, I directed efforts toward saving wymyn and children from exploitation. Oh yeah, I was also a total sexpot!

  2. Thanks for posting this–I’m “Kathleen Hannah! Poster child of the riot grrls, you’ve grown up a little in the last few years. You’ve brought rape, feminism, sexuality, and wymyn surviving hard shit into the mainstream through art, music, and spokenword. You’re PUNKROCK! But, like, for real.”

    This is much, much cooler than RL, of course.

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