Tenured Radical on Dis/Ability

Another insightful post from Tenured Radical — I guess my nagging about the word “crazy” worked!

It’s amazing to me why wealthy liberal arts colleges like Zenith have fewer resources for students with disabilities than state universities.  Is this an extension of benefits offered in public K-12 schools?  Or veterans benefits (we are seeing a number of returning veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan)?

Speaking of K-12 education, here’s a story from today’s Wall Street Journal about efforts to ban use of restraint in public schools, after the GAO found hundreds of allegations of death and abuse since 1990. Who would have thought a student with disabilities would be safter in a locked psychiatric facility than a public school?

1 thought on “Tenured Radical on Dis/Ability

  1. Nobody, since restraints are still used in every locked psychiatric facility in this country. In fact they are easier to use since Bush loosened the regulations a few years ago, they are also used all the time in psychiatric emergency rooms as standard procedure. Nobody is safe in a locked psychiatric facility.

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