Summer Viewing: Mad Men Season Two

madmen_fullbody Like others, I’m way behind in my Mad Men viewing — the first disk of Season Two just arrived and I’ve watched the first two episodes.  There’s no way I’ll get through this before the season 3 premiere on the 15th so I’ll probably remain a season behind.  Hey, I’m a historian, so living the past is what I do best.

The trend of making Mad Men avatars has been on Facebook for a couple of weeks now, but since not all of you have FB accounts, I’m posting mine here as well. [thanks to Historiann for reminding me to do this].  I’ve chosen this scene in celebration of the fact that it’s finally summer in the northeast — i.e. it’s not raining and is relatively warm!

In my own private Mad Men world, this avatar discovers The Feminine Mystique and organizes a consciousness raising group. She then goes back to graduate school and becomes a women’s history prof.  Do you think the show will buy it?

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