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Last month, the blog Prof Hacker asked readers to compile a playlist of their favorite posts.  I started to follow this blog partly because one of my colleagues is an editor, but also as a quick way to keep up with new technologies for the next time I teach my graduate level Digital History course.  However, I’ve found the posts related to creativity, productivity, and quality of life (aka how to keep one’s sanity in academia) to be the most useful.    So, here are my top ten posts:

1.  The secret link between refinishing furniture and academic research.  Knitting Clio really does knit!

2.  Challenging the Presentation Paradigm, a post on Pecha Kucha.  This technique sets tight constraints on Powerpoint presentations: 20 slides, set to auto-advance every 20 seconds.  I will definitely use these criteria for student presentations.

3.  Review of organizing for the creative person:  another excuse to set aside time for creative activity every day.

4.  Don’t let productivity stress you out.    This post came very early in the life of Prof Hacker and helped me use the blog more strategically.

5.  Are you spending time on what matters to you? Answer at that time:  no.  Answer now — getting better at it.

6.  The Now Habit.   This helped me get back on track with my writing.

7.  Stop comparing yourself to other people.    This goes double for tech wannabes

8.  Does it matter if your calendar’s online? What a relief to  know others aren’t using digital gadgets to stay productive!

9.  A paperless classroom is a disease-free classroom.  It’s also a green one.

10.  What’s for lunch.   Started as a post on healthy eating, is now a series.

2 thoughts on “Prof. Hacker Playlist

  1. Regarding your #1: you’ll be pleased to know, KC, that there’s a 10-year-old in New Britain who’s staying after school once a week to learn to knit with her teacher.

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