Speaking of Helen Keller

Here’s an announcement of a panel on “Becoming Helen Kellery” at the American Historical Association in San Diego by the folks at the Disability History Museum:  [via H-Disability]

If you will be attending the AHA in San Diego, please consider joining a
panel discussion scheduled for Saturday, January 9, 2010: 11:30 AM-1:30
PM, entitled "Becoming Helen Keller: Perspectives and Experiences
Integrating Disability into U.S. Survey, Higher Education, and Secondary
School Coursework."  Chaired by Laurie Block of Disability History
Museum, www.disabilitymuseum.org, the panel will include Richard Cairn
of the Hampshire Educational Collaborative, William F. Kuracina of Texas
A&M University at Commerce, Laura L. Lovett of the University of
Massachusetts, and Graham Warder of Keene State College.  We will be
sharing our ongoing work creating curriculum materials in disability
history and would greatly appreciate input from anyone interested.



Graham Warder, Ph.D.

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