Women’s History and Wikipedia Part II: Wikiproject Women’s History

Ask and ye shall receive — Cliotropic has just set up a formal  Wikiproject: Women’s History.  This is also accessible by the shortcut WP:WMNHIST.

Cliotropic says that anyone can participate, but would “particularly love to see more professional scholars get involved. I know that there’s significant opposition to Wikipedia in some academic quarters, but I think that the information there isn’t going to get better unless people who actually know this stuff start pitching in. I’d really like WikiProject Women’s History to deploy a good quality scalethat helps our students evaluate whether the material in any given entry is trustworthy for their own research. And, as I’ve already said, I think that competent undergrads can be involved in this work very fruitfully as a learning project.”

Here’s more information on how to help:

  • Create a Wikipedia account. If you want to boost the contribution percentages credited to women, fill out your demographic information appropriately (even though it’s not required.)
  • Read a bit about how to contribute to Wikipedia. Start with their page onyour first article. For the social conventions of “talk pages,” which are where discussion about individual articles and projects happens, see the talk page guidelines.
  • Edit the WikiProject Women’s History proposal to add your username (in section 2, “Support”) and add any comments in section 3, “Discussion”.)
  • Go to the main page for the WikiProject and help expand our list of articles that should exist. If you’re an experienced Wikipedia editor, you might help reorganize the list if it’s getting unwieldy. If you’re unsure of what to do, ask on the talk page.
  • Once you’ve added anything, no matter how small, to the WikiProject page or to one of the articles mentioned, add your name to the WikiProject Women’s History Members page.
  • Wikipedia’s organized by a kind of benevolent anarchy. If you’re interested in taking a leadership role (formal definition of goals and scope; implementing a quality scale; starting a task force for entries on a particular national context, subfield, or time period) please go ahead. Write a note on the members page about what you’re interested in working on, and start doing it.

So, please help spread the word about this project to other women’s historians.  Like Historians of Science, we cannot allow a Wikipedia gap!

2 thoughts on “Women’s History and Wikipedia Part II: Wikiproject Women’s History

  1. Thanks for the signal boost. Once our stub categories are approved (5 days or so), we’ll really be able to get rolling.

    The existing list of relevant entries is categorized by geography/nation, but there’s no reason not to start a segment of the list that’s categorized by profession. I’d love to see someone start a section on women in science, medicine, engineering, and technology.

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