Women’s History Carnival 2011

via History Carnival.

It’s that time of year, the one that makes those of us in the field of women’s history slightly batty super busy getting everything ready for our women’s history month events, with the help of the National Women’s History Project (image above).  If that weren’t enough, some of us in the women’s history blog/twittersphere are so masochistic enthusiastic that we’re participating in a Women’s History Carnival too.  Here’s more information from the History Carnival site:

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month the History Carnival is inaugurating a special Women’s History Carnival for March 2011, for all blogs and blogging about the history of women, gender and feminism. We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen yet, but hopefully it’ll be a bit different from the usual History Carnivals:

There should be at least one Carnival post, but we’d like to do much more than that! We’ll publicise any great blogging or themed events we come across (or you tell us about) and generally do our best to encourage discussion and bang the drum for women’s history.

There’ll be further updates on Twitter throughout the month at @historycarnival and on this website. If you’d like to get involved, if you’re doing something for Women’s History Month that you’d like to publicise, or you have ideas for different events, you can leave a comment below, use the contact form, or just send a tweet @historycarnival.

Plus, you can follow the RSS feed for WHC announcements

The Carnival

Depending on nominations, it’s likely that there will be a Carnival posting (venue tbc) shortly after International Women’s Day, with a follow-up towards the end of March to round up the month’s activities. You can nominate blog posts for the Carnival using this special nominations form. (Don’t use the normal HC nomination form.) Although recent material may be given priority, anything written since March 2010 will be considered!

Blog conversations

Join in blogging for Women’s History Month! A few people we hope to hear from are listed below (more to follow)…

Jen Newby, Writing Women’s History (twitter)
Judith Weingarten, Zenobia: Empress of the East (twitter)
Penny Richards (twitter)
Knitting Clio (twitter)
Katrina Gulliver, Notes from the Field (twitter)
Another Damned Medievalist, Blogenspiel
Sharon Howard (twitter)

Other places

Follow @historycarnival for news: hashtags #whc11 or #twitterstoriennes

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