Where Did August Go?

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t posted in over a month.  Don’t worry fans, I’ve just been on vacation (in the French Haute Pyrenees, where I did loads of cycling which unfortunately was off-set by a lot of great food and wine at the pension where I stayed.  Either that or I gained five pounds of muscle.  Oh well!)

Now I’m up to my ears getting ready to teach the graduate digital history course (hence my tweet about needing some help from my fellow #twitterstorians), as well as a new undergraduate public history course that I didn’t design but I agreed to teach because no one else was available.  I’m also going through the second most stressful life event on the Holmes and Rahne stress scale.  So, it’s no wonder this month has flown by!

1 thought on “Where Did August Go?

  1. I’m sorry for the stress. I commiserate with you on the course preps. I hope the vacation left you refreshed along with the possible avoirdupois you accumulated!

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