I’m Still here, just been very busy

Hi fans,

Wow, it’s been quite a month.  Shortly after my last post, I did a preview of my new book the Emergency Contraception Jamboree sponsored by International Consortium for Emergency Contraception. The meeting was very informative and fun, not quite a Jamboree though (never got the full story on that — apparently in the early days the group was a lot smaller and more informal.  Plus, given the depressing state of birth control politics in the U.S., I’m sure a party was just the thing to lift people’s spirits).

Then, I came back and got slammed by a (brief) illness, then mid-terms, and then yet another power outage, this time from the “October surprise” snow storm.  (fortunately I was able to stay with my new “gentleman caller” i.e. boyfriend who still had electricity, heat, and hot water).  So, I’ve been struggling to get caught up since.  I’m sure glad a long weekend in just ahead!


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