On the Second Day of #Advent @myHNN gave me a mea culpa and an offer re: #Adventcalendar

Hello readers,

After my smart-assed post yesterday, David Walsh, aka @myHNN sent me the following message on Twitter in reply to me asking why no fighting women:

@hmprescott Call it a brain fart. I was thinking of Time’s 1950 person of the year, “America’s Fighting-Men,” when I came up w/ the title.

I replied:

@myHNN I’m all too familiar with brain farts, especially this time of year!

He replied:

@hmprescott Actually, I’d love a little help on this. How about a collaboration to find some women’s photos, not from Iraq/Afg–that’s done!

to which I replied:

@myHNN it’s a deal! I’ll post an update on my blog.

So, follow our joint venture at History News Network.


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