Help Save Rutgers-Camden

Dear Readers,

This post is by my friend Janet Golden at Rutgers University Camden.  Please help save her campus and sign the petition.


My life as a historian scholar-teacher came to an abrupt end last week when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced that he was going to amputate my university Rutgers Camden and hand it over to Rowan a comprehensive university 20 miles away.  At that moment I became the historian-activist-scholar-teacher and began working 14-hour days to save my University alongside my wonderful colleagues and students, our staff, our proud alums and the many residents of Camden, one of America’s poorest cities, that we serve and assist in so many ways.  My union Rutgers AAUP-AFT has stood up for us, and people from around the world have signed our petition

and I hope you will and will pass it along.

My colleagues have written editorials, given interviews, called the Governor and all our legislators and legislative leaders.  Our students have spoken up, organized, and as I write are preparing to go to Trenton to witness the hearings on the issue that begin on Monday.

Severing Rutgers Camden from Rutgers will weaken the Rutgers University system, it will cost the taxpayers millions and it will deprive the residents of Southern New Jersey the opportunity to get an education from a top quality university that carries a name is known around the world.  More information can be found on our website

Please help us by signing the petition and sharing it with everyone you know

If you live in NJ please contact elected officials using the following information

And, if you are a blogger and fellow scholar, please post this blog so others will know about what we are facing and how they can help.

Janet Golden, Ph.D.

Professor of History


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