Connecticut Senate Race and Emergency Contraception

via Talking Points Mem0

As many of you have heard, Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon has tried to fudge her pro-choice position by stating that Catholic hospitals should not have to give out emergency contraception as mandated by a state law passed in 2007.   (In a related  Akin-esque moment, she also introduced the bizarre term “emergency rape“).
So, in this sense, she’s no different than the Senator she aims to replace, Joe Lieberman, who when the emergency contraception bill was being discussed in 2006, said that rape victims could just “talk a short ride” to another hospital.

Prochoice groups in the state are getting out the word that Linda is no friend of reproductive rights.  “Pro-choice candidates don’t compromise the health and safety of rape victims especially when receiving time sensitive medication,” said Christian Miron, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut. “There is no shortage of evidence proving that Linda McMahon is neither pro-choice nor independent,” said Murphy campaign spokesman Ben Marter. “McMahon’s extreme policy for rape victims and her support for the Blunt Amendment makes it clear that she would vote in lockstep with Washington Republicans that want to erase decades of progress for women.”

I’m hoping that this will earn a win for Chris Murphy.  (oh if you out-of-staters would like to help, please give to his campaign).

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