Week of Action: Make #EmergencyContraception Fully Over-the-Counter

I’m about to go to the American Association for the History of Medicine meeting.  Meanwhile, I’ll share this announcement (sorry that it’s late).
National Women’s Liberation, with the support of our allies  Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD), is organizing a week of action. We are uniting to demand “Access for all, No restrictions!” Birth control is a cornerstone of women’s freedom.  If the Obama Administration thinks women will simply let this go, they are wrong!
Join us for actions in the cities listed below, or plan an action in your city! Please contact us if you would like to participate in a planning meeting. Organizing kits are available.  If you hold a sign, drop a banner, or organize a flashmob to put the Morning-After Pill on the shelf, send us video or pictures. We will compile them.  Please forward this message widely.
Tues 5/14: NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, New Haven, Albuquerque, New Paltz, and Seattle
Fri 5/17:  Gainesville (FL)
Sign the Petition! 
Tell the Obama Administration to Stop the Appeal:
Morning-After Pill Fully Over-the-Counter
We demand:
  • Access for all, no restrictions! No age limit, no prescription, no identification!
  • Obama Administration: Stop the Appeal!
  • The Morning-After Pill should be available on any shelf in any store, next to the condoms or aspirin.
  • Women and girls must have the right to control when and if we have children; it is a cornerstone of our freedom.
Click here to read the petition in its entirety.
Then share the petition with others!
Your contribution will help us grow and win more. Make a donation  here or become a monthly dues paying member  here

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