Meme in Making: 10 reasons why I should be a VP candidate

My grad school buddy Sungold at Kittywampus listed 10 reasons why she is qualified to be VP.  So, I shall turn this into a meme and present my qualifications as well.

1. Sparsely populated home state: Sungold is from North Dakota, a state with fewer people (639,715) than Alaska (683,478).  I grew up in Vermont, which has fewer still (623,908).

2. Foreign policy experience: Vermont also borders a foreign country — and the French speaking part of it too boot!  Quebec also has threatened many times to split off from the rest of Canada. This is not unlike what’s happening in the country of Georgia, eh?

3. Curious, yes — much too nosy for my own good, in fact.

4.  The hair: Perm in 1980s — yep, but it didn’t last long in my stick-straight hair.

5. Age: I too am 44 years old — won’t be much longer, but my birthday is after the election.

6.  Economics: No econ courses, but  I have handled a  department budget.

7. Education: Been in universities all my adult life.

8. The Mommy thing: Never been pregnant, don’t plan to be, ever.

9. Lipstick: I’m more of a lipgloss woman — still stuck in the ’70s.

10. Personality: Generally perky, but can be vicious and bitchy when situation requires it.  Also, I played basketball, but didn’t make the JV team.

In addition –since I’m a historian, I can name several really bad Supreme Court decisions — especially Dread Scott, worst decision ever!

Friday Funny, or, Men: WTF?

This came from hispanic male mention in an earlier post on the Committee on the Concerns of Men (or as another member likes to call it, Men:WTF?) The illustration is from a story in New York Magazine about an NYU student who created a “virtual girlfriend” for NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program Spring Show at Tisch School of the Arts. The “virtual girlfriend” responds to human movements using an infrared sensor connected to a light projection: “Lie on your back, she snuggles up right next to you in a log position. Curl up in the fetal position, she spoons…Give her kiss on the check and she rolls over and buries her face in the pillow. And yes, she stays fully clothed at all times,” the magazine reports. Needless to say, this guy doesn’t get many dates of the regular kind.