Sloppy Women’s History at History News Network

Could someone please explain to me why History News Network selected someone whose specialty is NOT women’s history to write this article about First Wave/Second Wave feminism? Let me point out some of the most glaring problems:

1. Not all women voted with the Republican party, nor did they join the KKK.  Jane Addams, for example, continued to support Progressive social causes.  Not all women who received the vote were bourgeois nor were they white.  Women were also central to the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932.  Could we get some nuance and diversity here?

2. The article fast-forwards from 1920 to Phyllis Schafly and Stop-ERA.  What happened to the “Second Wave” the author refers to in the title?

3.  Okay, he includes a long, undigested quote from Susan Brownmiller, but it’s not clear what this is meant to convey — analysis, please?

What happened?  Was Tenured Radical busy or something?