First Digital History Class

I met with my digital history graduate  seminar for the first time this week. [as you all know, I was at a conference across the pond.  My substitute showed students how to do blogs, all the while saying she thought they were useless — perhaps I should have her read this article?]

The first session went pretty well, considering the class is very large for a graduate seminar, it’s a classroom designed for 40 students with computers at each desk, making eye contact between students difficult, and having been away a week, I was off my game.  I found that students don’t like reading about media theory (no surprise there).

The students have a very wide range of experience — one student has her own website, blog, and used to run a listserv, while others are very new to these technologies — many of them use Facebook but have never used blogs.  So it will be a challenge to keep in interesting for the technologically savvy without overwhelming the others.