MS Ride


Here’s Team Bauer at the end of a very soggy 50 mile ride for the 2007 BKM/Steelcase MS Bike Tour. We rode in tribute to Bridget’s (second from right) sister Sheila and brother-in-law Dave, who both have MS. It started to pour buckets shortly before the 9am start, but once you’re wet, you’re wet, right? I had a bit of mechanical trouble with my chain ring/derailer, but Doug Tanner from Benidorm Bikes and Boards was there to fix my bike for me around the half-way point. The rain finally ended about mile thirty, so we had a decent ride into the finish. Thanks to all our friends and family for their support. We raised a total of $2,880 for the MS Society of CT. Next year 100 miles, right folks?

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