Committee on the Concerns of Men, or, Stuff Guys like to Talk about

I’ve decided to make a joke out of the whole exchange with our university troll, and take up his suggestion about starting a Committee on the Concerns of Men. I asked a non-random, non-representative sample of my male colleagues with a sense of humor to reply to the question, if you were on a CCM, what would you talk about? The answers so far:

From 40-something, white male teaching faculty member:

“Serious Offerings: Prostate Cancer, Choice Time: Balancing the Possible Return of Selective Service with Your Son’s Need to Get Federal Financial Aid, Dealing with a Two-Professionals Family Relationships, Balancing Work and Family, How to Get Recognized Family Leave with a New Born or Adopted Child
Goofy Offerings: Power Tools, Are you a Hop Head, Books that Make Light of Changing Diapers, Hottest Album Covers EVER!, Am I a wuss for putting peroxide on this? Is Jr. finally gonna start winning races now that he is with Childress and off DEI? What’s your favoraite soap [Y&R, baby!]? How did Tom help you remodel your house this week? When to ditch the shirt when you swim. Throwdown: My family’s emergency plan for major catastrophies is a lot more logistically feasible than your family’s emergency plan for major catastrophies.

What can I say? I did a sabbatical at GQ!

From 40-something hispanic male, administrative faculty member:

“I’d want to discuss how I want to be treated special… Just like everyone else! <grin> Or maybe, even though I am not a white male, how I can stop being treated like one.

The environment and our future there, but without concern for…

Cars, hot rods, go fast things…. definitely on the list.

Music, yup. Music.

Campus Politics… long live the good ol’ boys network, even though it now admits girls.

Farting and bathroom humor. Burps n such.

Beer. Maybe beer should come before farting. More fun that way. Think about how beer has shaped the world!

NOTE: no sports mentioned until now. Sorry guys, I’ve just never fit that mold.”

From another 40-something white male teaching faculty member:

I’d want to talk about tap dancing, but, I know, [hispanic male in previous quoted section], I know, that could be a threaded forum for all the other 40-something-male-tappers at CCSU.”

Keep them coming, Gentlemen!

5 thoughts on “Committee on the Concerns of Men, or, Stuff Guys like to Talk about

  1. From another 40-something, white male:

    “OK, count me in, it’s not like I have anything else to do 🙂 Anyway, I’m always happy to talk about beer, as long as someone will talk baseball with me. Sorry. . . I don’t do tap dancing, but I’ll always do Sinatra.”

  2. More from white male #1:

    If making Heather laugh is the goal then how about a all-Men’s thread titled:

    “Backne, Hair Loss, and Love Handles… why no one will touch you”

    “365 uses for Duct Tape” which BTW is an actual desk calendar!

    This fellow also thought that “tap” was a typo and that the first letter should be “l.”

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