I’m So very Honored

I’m feeling so very honored, for two reasons:

1.  Thanks to my good friend, Historiann, I have been invited to be on a panel on history blogging for the “Little Berks” meeting in October.  My co-panelists will be  Tenured Radical and Clio Bluestocking.  Distinguished company indeed!  Among the things we are to discuss are “whether there are issues that affect feminist history blogging differently than blogging in general; issues of voice, anonymity, and so on.”

2.  Clio Bluestocking has included me in her list for this meme:

Thanks Clio!  Her instructions are to pass the love forward by listing my favorite Brilliante Bloggers.  Well, along with the blogs mentioned above, I would include my colleague Jason at The Saltbox; fellow Cornellian Sungold at Kittywampus; the folks at Disability Studies, Temple U; and the always enlightening and never boring (despite her protestations to the contrary) Trouble with Spikol.

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