All Together Now — Facebook App for WordPress

Hi folks,

This is a test post using the WordPress Facebook application, as suggested by the “All Together Now”: A 2.0 Learning Experience” on the School Library Journal blog. I signed up for this experience to see what they’re offering that would be useful for my digital history course this fall, but have mostly been lurking because of vacation, other commitments, and because I know much of this stuff already.

I think some of the Facebook applications are interesting — as you can see I’ve also added my account to my profile — but other than providing a convenient location it’s not really an improvement on the apps themselves. I use Facebook mainly as a way to communicate with students and send out announcements for the WGSS program, but use the “old folks” method — i.e. email — for everything else.

In fact, I find the Facebook interface for my blog rather annoying because I can’t put in any links or pictures or get into the HTML editor. In short, future posts will be done the old fashioned way!

[P.S. added later in regular mode — this post from Libraryman pretty much confirms my thoughts on this issue]

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