Biden for Veep: so much for “change”

I’ve been dreading this, but it’s now official.  Senator Obama has announced Joe Biden as his running mate.

How exciting (not) to have a potential VP whose propensity for verbal diarrhea is second only to Howard Dean.  Woo-hoo!  Yet another reason not to watch the convention. . .

[added later:  Sigh. . . okay, if this is the way it’s going to be, I hope Joe follows this advice from the HuffPo]

8 thoughts on “Biden for Veep: so much for “change”

  1. I thought it was the best of his available options, but I admit to having long admired Biden for his authenticity and intelligence. I think a more daring choice might have hurt Obama by pairing him with another relatively unknown commodity, thus playing into Republican attacks that Obama just can’t be taken seriously. Anyway, Biden should clean up in the VP debate.

    I think Obama also needed somebody who is better on the attack than he is, and Biden is definitely that guy.

  2. I agree that Biden is going to make a formidable opponent in the VP debates. Honestly, I don’t think you can fault someone for being outspoken. Biden brings a ton of experience to the campaign.

  3. I wouldn’t have a problem with Biden’s outspokeness if he would learn to engage his brain before letting loose. It’s really hard to respect someone who thinks you need a slight Indian accent to go into a convenience store!

  4. I thought that was taken care of 9 months ago: Biden was trying to say how much he admired South Asian entrepreneurship but it came out awkwardly.

  5. Democrats have to get themselves out of their self-defeating funks. Yeah, the Republicans are going to attack Biden for stuff he’s said. So what? If they want to start attacking the VP choice, Biden will be sure to respond in kind and it will crowd out their message against Obama. Remember, people vote for President. VPs don’t really deliver states and they don’t really bring in many votes. But they can serve other useful purposes. If Biden serves as a lightning rod for attacks, I don’t think that will hurt him.

    Biden is basically authentic, which is why he says stupid things. He says things that most people say. He makes jokes that a lot of people make. I have a lot more respect for that than for someone who uses race in a calculated and cynical way, as many politicians do.

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