Outline for Little Berks Talk

How I Got Started

Evolution of Blog

  • from sandbox to scholarship
  • see category cloud for themes — women’s history, medical history, disability history, childhood/youth
  • reports from the field — e.g. conference reviews
  • some political commentary, silliness, hobbies

Graduate History Course:

  • course blog
  • blogging as reflective practice
  • mixed results
  • “digital natives” more interested in Facebook than blogging

Current Status

  • very low traffic
  • busiest day was right after Big Berks and “Bre’r Rusticus” article at History News Network
  • what happened to H-Women
  • H-Net goes 2.0 — Matrix
  • need for critical mass of bloggers and social scholars for robust exchange to occur [see roundup at Berks Blog]
  • why not start your own blog?

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