First Review of my book

The first book review for my book, Student Bodies, just appeared in the September issue of Journal of American History.  Unfortunately you need a subscription to read the whole thing but the best parts are at the beginning anyway.

Now, if I can just get the Chronicle of Higher Education to include my book in the list of scholarly books.    It’s been ten months since it came out and they have received two copies from the publisher.  I’ve also nudged them a couple of times.  I know they receive lots of books, but come on, this book as actually ABOUT higher education!  What’s a lady scholar got to do to get noticed?

4 thoughts on “First Review of my book

  1. That’s a really good review, KC. I find that very few JAH or AHR reviews have space enough to do more than just a brief summary and overview of a book’s major contributions, but your book is “pioneering!” Congratulations!

  2. Hey, this is great. Congratulations! I know I really enjoyed your Berks paper, and it seems like your book *ought* to have a wide readership.

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