Black History Month (satire)

Edge of the American West referred me to  postbourgie’s satirical series for Black History Month, “Know Your History.”

Here is the entry for the sole female in the group, Whoopi Goldberg:


Born Caryn Elaine Johnson in 1955, Whoopi Goldberg rose to fame in the acting world, becoming the second black woman to win an Academy Award for her role in the 1975 blaxploitation film, Blackface Jones and the Temple of Jive. After beating pinkytoe cancer in 1963, Goldberg established Brows(e) for a Cure, an organization that encourages people to donate their eyebrows to make wigs for others battling the disease. She continues to donate to this day.”

Any women’s historians out there want to join me in coming up with similar entries for WHM? Historiann, are you game?  Or has this been done already and I missed it?

3 thoughts on “Black History Month (satire)

  1. Sure–what do you have in mind? But, I think I’m up for something more serious and not dismissive, unlike the postbourgie stuff. I think it’s telling that the only woman they could come up with is Whoopi Goldberg (and I didn’t find the entry on her funny–just kind of dumb.)

  2. As I understand it, the postbourg series is making fun of the earnestness of BHM (e.g. “guess who discovered peanut butter”) by recasting relatively innocuous figures as black nationalists, So, if we followed the same concept, it would be to re-imagine well-known women from history as radical feminists. However, this may be too big a concept to pull off.

  3. Let’s think on this some more, and be in touch via e-mail. It could be a fun meme to pass along to the other feminist and women’s history blogs, and we could compile a list of links at the end of March so that everyone can see the new women’s history pantheon!

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