Post Easter discussion on American Women’s Catholic History

Since I’m too lazy busy to come up with a blog post of my own right now, I’ll refer KC readers to a fascinating discussion over at Historiann.   I commented on the issue of anti-Catholicism in the academy.  Having spent most of my life in New England, and my entire career teaching at a state university that is closed on Good Friday, if there is anti-Catholic prejudice I haven’t seen it (then again, I’m not Catholic).  Jewish colleagues, though, do feel that our university privileges christianity — I would have to agree.   Again, why does a state university close on a christian holiday but none of the Jewish or Muslim holidays?

2 thoughts on “Post Easter discussion on American Women’s Catholic History

  1. Well, KC, Connecticut is weird because the STATE closes down for Good Friday. So it’s not even the university. But I never got used to that! Definitely the Catholic impact…

  2. KC… when I first arrived in CT 25 years ago, it was explained to me as a “state day of prayer” which over the years folks have confirmed for me as a day of prayer for all religions. It just happened to fall on “Good Friday” and usually near “Passover”. I think more than a coincidence…

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