My publisher is going digital

I’m a bit slow in getting around to writing about this, but last month the University of Michigan Press announced that it would shift it’s emphasis towards digital publishing, at least for monographs.

I’m not as alarmed by this as some (after all, I teach digital history), but am concerned about what will happen to the paper copies of my book. As mentioned in an earlier post, sales of which have not been great (although they may pick up now that positive reviews have appeared in the lastest issues of  American Historical Review and the Bulletin of the History of Medicine.  Also, this month, UMP is offering a discount Order online and enter discount code prescott09ump when prompted at checkout to receive 30% off this title).

Perhaps I should offer to remix the book as a piece of digital scholarship?

2 thoughts on “My publisher is going digital

  1. KC–congratulations on the good book reviews. I think digital publishing is promising as an add-on, I’m just leery of it as a replacement for hard copies. So I think digital would be a great way to access your book for those who didn’t buy a copy or whose libraries didn’t buy a copy when it first came out.

  2. I tend to agree with Historiann. This all makes me think I’d better do something about getting my manuscript into publishable form, or it’ll only ever exist electronically. Yikes.

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