Another reason we need a feminist approach to breast cancer

via Well Blog –  I agree with many of the comments on this one — TPP really is condescending towards anyone who challenges her point of view.  I think there really is cause for concern about a drug that is not really that effective and causes a lot of serious side effects.

Feminist Law Professors has another commentary on the recent recommendations regarding breast cancer screenings.  I didn’t have the same reaction to the NYT Op-Ed criticized in this post. I also was aware of an earlier report this year that the CSA Prostate Test Found to Save Few Lives. [in fact, I had heard this from GPs at a conference in Scotland in Fall 2008). Again, I find the most compelling points in the comments section, from Jay who had ductal cancer in situ (DCIS) and criticizes condescending treatment at her breast cancer treatment center.  So, this is another example of why the “pink ribbon” industry is not feminist.  It’s especially horrifying to me that so many women have healthy breasts and ovaries removed because they are so afraid of getting cancer.

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