Targeting Weird People

She’s a brilliant scientist.  She’s been described as “weird.”  She talks excessively, often going off on tangents.  She’s socially awkward and often “tone deaf” to other’s body and facial language. No, I’m not talking about her.  I’m talking about her, the woman pictured at the left, focus of a new bio-pic on HBO.

This article from the Chronicle of Higher Education observes that while there are counseling services for students, “fewer resources are available for assistance with faculty and staff mental-health issues, and we have a high tolerance for erratic behavior.” The author advises us in higher education to look for “erratic” behavior in faculty and staff.  But how does one define “erratic”?  Or “normal” for that matter? As I’ve said before in the context of shootings by students, will this latest incidence of violence lead to better mental health services for those at risk, or further ostracism of people with mental illnesses and others who are not “neurotypical”?

1 thought on “Targeting Weird People

  1. Oh, we studied her in Abnormal Psychology in undergrad! She’s amazing! She was very lucky to have filthy rich parents that would do anything for her. She had tutors and was able to stay at home instead of being institutionalized and forgotten, etc. She designed a way of bathing cows, but the people that actually built it didn’t follow her plans exactly and the first cows drowned. When they made it the way they were supposed to, it worked.

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