White Privilege and Amy Bishop

via Jack and Jill Politics, who suggest  that the best way to prevent violence in the workplace is not to focus on the weird people, but to treat  privileged white people the same as people of color.  Margaret Soltan has a roundup of Bishop’s violent past.  Would a black female professor have received probation after  punching another woman in the head at an IHOP? Not bloody likely.

3 thoughts on “White Privilege and Amy Bishop

  1. “Would a black female professor have received probation after punching another woman in the head at an IHOP?”

    That depends. If the woman who was hit was White, a Black female professor would probably not even be forced into probation. It would be assumed to be the White woman’s fault.

    On the other hand, if the victim were Black, thing would be different. They’d probably both be hauled off to jail and charged.

  2. Wow. There was a professor at my undergrad university who was similarily as uneffective a teacher. I had him for one single class before dropping it and completely rearranging my schedule because I wasn’t going to put up with him going off on tirades about AIDS patients and how the mentally ill shouldn’t be allowed on college campuses in a World Geography class. The entire time, he never looked at us once, instead staring at the back wall. It was completely unnerving. Slackers take his classes because he never returns tests, then loses them, so everyone gets an A. Also, because they’re immature and think his rants about “Red China” are funny. The entire campus knows about him, but he’s tenured. I actually complained to the department chair, myself, and he told me he’d speak to him, but I knew nothing would come of it, and it didn’t. When a friend and I were going to offices selling desserts after a club bake sale, we went to the political science/geography offices and he was in there yelling at himself erratically. We exchanged looks, and she said “He doesn’t want any.” She was too afraid to even talk to him. In a math class Senior year, we were talking about percentages and such, and the professor put up the percentages of one department so we could see how many people got what letter grades. In this department, almost everyone had gotten A’s. Someone yelled out “Geography,” and the professor said not to name names.

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