Ada Lovelace Day/Emergency Contraception Day of Action

via Finding Ada and Back Up Your Birth Control.  So, here’s a blog post that combines a celebration of women in science and technology with a call to action on emergency contraception.

What is Ada Lovelace Day?

“Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science.

The first Ada Lovelace Day was held on 24th march 2009 and was a huge success. It attracted nearly 2000 signatories to the pledge and 2000 more people who signed up on Facebook. Over 1200 people added their post URL to the Ada Lovelace Day 2009 mash-up. The day itself was covered by BBC News Channel,, Radio 5 Live, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Metro, Computer Weekly, and VNUnet, as well as hundreds of blogs worldwide.

In 2010 Ada Lovelace Day will again be held on 24th March and the target is to get 3072 people to sign the pledge and blog about their tech heroine.

Ada Lovelace Day is organised by Suw Charman-Anderson, with design and development support from TechnoPhobia and hosting from UKHost4U.”

Now, for Ada Lovelace Day, I’m supposed to blog about my favorite tech heroine.  Why just one?  I’ll celebrate all those who worked on bringing emergency contraception to the U.S. and announcing the Back up your birth control day of action.  Here’s how you can help:

Back Up Your Birth Control is a national campaign committed to raising awareness of and expanding access to emergency contraception (EC). Every year, leading national advocacy organizations, service providers, and other community stakeholders participate in activities such as grassroots organizing, provider and public education, and policy debates, which culminate in our Day of Action.

Here’s how you can take action:

  1. Spread the Word about EC with FREE Materials
    Our popular EC educational materials featuring Rosie the Riveter are available for FREE! Just click above to place your order, and we’ll send you materials to distribute at health centers, to teens, at street fairs, etc.
  2. Enter the Campus Challenge
    If you’re a college student, get your group to raise awareness about EC on campus. The most original and informative idea will win a $250 prize!
  3. Write an OpEd or Blog
    Whether it’s for your local paper, campus publication, or blog, help educate readers about EC and how they can help others back up their birth control.
  4. Sign the Petition
    Send an email to the FDA and the White House asking them to end unnecessary age restrictions on over-the-counter access to EC.
  5. Celebrate the Back Up Your Birth Control Day of Action
    Use the Take Action Toolkit to get ideas about organizing educational activities in your community for the Day of Action on Wednesday March 24, 2010.

Other tips for engaging activists include:

  • Increase education for teen educators and teens by hosting a party, film screening, “Battle of the Bands,” or sporting event and distribute BUYBC materials on what EC is and where teens can get it.
  • Raise public awareness by organizing an EC roundtable discussion with elected officials, clinicians and medical experts to identify the work that needs to be done with respect to EC awareness/access in your community. Identify groups of advocates and local elected officials that are willing to help bring about any necessary changes and outline future steps.
  • Engage your local medical community by contacting local pharmacies and hospitals to inquire about their EC stocking and provision policies. Include educational materials and information to assist their staff with informing clients about EC, including advance provision of EC to patients.

Download the 2010 Back Up Your Birth Control Take Action Toolkit for more ideas including special activities for students and college campuses!

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