Documentary video on National Women’s Health Network

I’m still powering through the last few papers and exams, but am taking time to post this short documentary by/about the National Women’s Health Network.  The Network celebrated its 35th anniversary on December 16, 2010 (happy belated anniversary!)  They l will have a prominent place in my forthcoming book (which I plan to mail to the press after Christmas, I promise!)

And here’s a call for donations rom Executive Director Cindy Pearson:

Together, we have been improving women’s health in the US since 1975.

  • We bring the voices of women consumers to the policy and regulatory decision-making bodies in D.C.
  • We work to improve the health of all women by providing unbiased, evidence-based information that women need to make informed decisions about their own health.
  • We are supported by our diverse members from all across the country.

We play our watchdog role fearlessly. And, we do it without taking any financial contributions from drug companies, the health insurance industry, medical device manufacturers or anyone else with a financial stake in women’s health decision-making.

Will you help us?

We have a great opportunity with our 35th Anniversary Challenge Campaign. A small group of members are stepping forward with pledges to give $35,000 if we raise $35,000 from gifts ‘above and beyond’ usual year-end gifts.  These members generously pledged to help encourage others like you to step up and give more as well.  You can be sure that any gift you give to NWHN, large or small, will have a big impact on the lives of women and their families. Now, it’s on to the next 35!

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